Our Process

Premium Ingredients

Every great product starts with the highest quality ingredients. We spent time and energy to taste and select the best of them. Unbleached and unbromated King Arthur bread flour; cage-free and antibiotic-free eggs; real French Comté cheese and Butterkase cheese from Prairie Pure Cheese, Illinois; Plugra European Style butter; Almonds from the Alldrin Brothers Farm; Guittard fine chocolates…

No preservatives, no dough conditioners, no artificial flavors, just ‘real food’, like we have done in our family since generations.

State of the Art Bakery

We blend old recipes with modern technology to deliver a premium product each and every day. Our bakery in the West Loop was built from the ground up to maximize quality.

All of our equipment is designed to help the bakers make better products, but there is no automatic line of production. The breads are hand shaped and made following artisanal processes. This old traditional way allows us to not have to use any ‘bad ingredients’ in our recipes.

Sustainability First

Every component of our processes was selected with sustainability in mind. We consider the environmental impact of our work every step of the way.

We use local ingredients as much as we can to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. We also take into account energy efficiency when buying new machines and trucks..